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Testimonials listed were provided anonomously following seminars.

Mexico - Near Teotihuacan -

Purity of heart,
Unifying the races,
Multiplying her gifts,
Moving the rhythm of
Yesterday, today and always...

Thank you


South Africa -
Council For A Parliament of the Worlds Religions

- “.. broadened my concept of co-operative, thematic multicultural education”
- “inclusive and substantiated …”
- “… I really liked Pummy’s passion and knowledge about her field as well as her ability to contextualize issues”

Parliament of the World
Spiritual Life Center

Hawaii -
The Spiritual Life Center

- “ … the seminar made me aware of my part in how we care for all that has been given to us …. in a nutshell, it was AWESOME…”

United Church

Costa Rica –
Environmental Youth Alliance

“… I learned to appreciate the uniqueness of each Human Being..”

“ … extremely useful and very effective … “

Environmental Youth Alliance
Indigenous Peoples Conference

Australia –
World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education

“… gave me the key bit of information I was missing in regards to leading a happier life… “

“.. inspired me to do more, showed me what power I have as a consumer."

Argentina –
Association for Humanistic Psychology

“ … I learned a clearer way of thinking about my everyday actions and decisions…”

Humanistic Psychology

- independent teachers seminar

“ … made me more aware of the effects of what I do … “

International Women's Day

Canada / USA

– numerous educational, spiritual and social justice conferences and seminars

“… cutting to the chase .. telling it like it is, holding us accountable …”

“… learned the importance of my food choices to the worlds issues …”

“ …very inspiring and wise super woman… “

“ … showed me how I can raise more responsible, respectful, students and be a model “

"… truly made me consider how my lifestyle contributes to all the negative issues in the world. I have already begun to think differently and I thank you for that…”

Second Stage Housing

Second Stage Housing fundraising address, BC

Unitarian Universalist Association

General Assembly, Seattle

Unitarian Universalist
REACH Training


(Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage),


United Nations Assocation,

Women and the Earth

Vancouver, BC

United Nations Association
Peace Forum Washington

Peace Forum,

Peace Park, USA/Canada

Book Talk,

Gulf Islands, BC

Salt Spring
Peace and Global Ed

Peace Conference,


Addressing Audience at rally

Delta, BC

Delta Rally
Elizabeth May

In support of Elizabeth May,


C.I.D.A. Global Education Project,

Cranbook, BC


Fellow speakers on Congo,

Vancouver, BC

Schlessinger media - 6 part series on world religions Understanding World Religions




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