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Founded in 1991 by Pummy Kaur, a passionate voice and a compassionate ear for educating as if Life really matters. The Global Education Center (G.E.C.) has created and conducted consultation services, seminars, lectures, keynote addresses, panel discussions, articles, books, television and radio appearances to diverse groups and institutions globally. Included in the list are: universities, school districts, religious and spiritual institutions, social justice groups, unions, political groups, women’s issues groups, children and young adult groups, progressive journals, and teachers organizations. The work of The G.E.C. is highly professional, inspirational, educational, and learner friendly.

Specific areas of focus of The G.E.C. are:

  • teacher training in global education, and gifted education,
  • inspiration and actions to become better people making a better world,
  • holistic education for all ages in schools, universities, colleges, and religious / spiritual institutions
  • creating literature (articles, curriculum, books) for the three areas listed above.

Global Education is a movement and methodology that links peace, human rights, environment and development and infuses these interdependent, inter-connected phenemonon into existing curriculum in educational institutions.

The GEC takes this movement into the larger world by linking all the current global issues not only to each other, but also to how we chose to live. And, then encourages ways of extricating ourselves from being part of the problem creators.

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