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What Would Gandhi Do

Simple Solutions

What Would Gandhi Do cover

This very timely book clearly, and succinctly demonstrates that most current local and global problems are immediately reversible, without government, business, industry or financial sector assistance. What is needed is the active will of the Western Minded to stop being so very lazy, so very addicted to convenience, and so very brainwashed by the Trash Media.

It contains unique insights and perspectives, and offers simple, highly effective, individual solutions to local and global problems; solutions that are congruent with Gandhian Principles of simplicity, seva (service), self-sufficiency, courage, and compassion. A notable feature is that much of the responsibility is placed on all our collective shoulders for the creation, and also the solving of global problems. In a simple, yet passionate style of a genuine educator, this work connects the dots between global problems and our individual choices. And, most significantly, it inspires educated, selfless, future conscious, compassionate individual actions.

This book is for those wanting to be better people, making a better world for all. This is a must read for ages eight to ninety eight, on all topics of social justice, including child rearing, diet, education, war, feminism, world hunger, nuclear weapons amassment, burial practices and much more.

Words of Praise

"Wonderful work ... So full of nuggets of unique insights that I could not read it continuously! ... a book for all times," Victor Chan, co-founder with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, of The Dalai Lama Center in B.C., Canada

" I agree completely with your analysis of both the cause and the solution to our problems," Dr. David Suzuki.

“It is a thought provoking work, and much needed!” Margaret Atwood.

"... pleased to hear of Canadians like you encouraging people to explore ways in which their individual actions can make a global difference," Her Excellency, The Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean.

"I have to read it four or five times more; there is so much wisdom in it," Susan Ruzic, Vice President, B.C. Peace And Global Educators Association.

"... a delight to read ..." Senator Ret. General Romeo Dallaire, author of Shake Hands With The Devil.

"I found it both engaging and informative," Dr. Roy Romanow, Chair, Royal Commission on Healthcare.

“This inspiring simple solution based book should be required reading for all young people – globally responsible youth will be where change really begins.” Victoria Milne (age 13), Victoria, B.C.

"... taken it with, and enjoyed reading it on several recent long flights.", Peter Mansbridge, Senior Correspondent, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

"... poured (her) soul into these pages, along with (her) deep wisdom, passion for change, and real-world practical suggestions for action." Gary Howard, author of We Can't Teach What We Don't Know, founder of R.E.A.C.H, WA.

"His Holiness appreciates it very much as he has the greatest of respect for Gandhi Ji as the father of non-violence or ahimsa," The office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

"... a wonderful book ... treasured look at life. I highly recommend it." Dave Chesney, Editor of The White Rock Sun.

"Pummy is a spark in any room, an endless source of optimism & enthusiasm. Then there's the courage. Pummy stands us strong and tells others how they can too," The Hon. Jack Layton, Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada.

"Your words are inspirational, yet simple, in that they return the responsibility for the plight of the world to the individuals. Your message about simplicity, seva (service), self-sufficiency, courage and compassion is a positive one, and undoubtedly your words are and will be a source of inspiration to those who read it," Hon Iona Campagnolo, former Lt. Governor of B.C.

"It's one thing to share a vision for a better world, and another to live your life by it. Congratulations on both," Thom Henley, founder of Rediscovery International for Aboriginal Youth.

"... inspiring book ..." David Orchard, author, The Fight for Canada, leadership candidate of Federal Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

"... book is excellent ... my heart started to beat fast when I read the Declaration, and For the Record ... It is an outstanding book ... and I will certainly incorporate For the Record in my teaching and other life as I get to it." Sophia Bronwen, Founding Member of Falun Daffa Association, Vancouver.

"... very educational, direct and defiant ...", Mario Jimenez, Department of Languages, University of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

"... a true reference to simple knowledge that will make a difference in today´s very confused times." Marcello Familiar de la Graza, Mexican Labour Union Executive, Mexico.

"I am LOVING the book! FASCINATING book! WHAT A GIFT!!! I re-read paragraphs in order to internalize and memorize thoughts, beliefs and the lessons from this amazing tool for life's journey. THANK YOU for the energy, wisdom and love that you have put so wholeheartedly into this book! " Debbie Lawrence, Health Employees Union of B.C.

"... truly magnificent and inspiring ... also a great resource regarding the world of politics", Jo and Lisha Sanchez, Azulejo's Corner Gallery.

"It is a book worth reading and contemplating. It may inspire you to think differently about problems and how you, as an individual, can inspire change ... a view of high, personal integrity that each one of us should consider and can implement in our every day lives. " Norm Tucker, The New Global Family, B.C.

"... book is an inspiration to all those who hope for a better world, and gives us a blueprint for achieving it." Peter Julian, Member of Canada's Parliament.

"I've grown both tired and wary of seeing people use the famous quote, 'be the change you wish to see.' In the case of What Would Gandhi Do?, however, my initial distrust was misplaced. Pummy is not only embodying the change we all desperately need to see, she succeeds in inspiring more such 'being change' in those lucky enough to cross her path. Friends, there is hope for our world after all!" Jonathan Teller-Elsberg, coauthor of Field Guide to the U.S. Economy.

“My cousin, Aman Virk had met you at a Convention, he was a councillor for Golden and since then elected as Mayor of Golden. He has recently passed away. ... was a truly great guy who was super bright, he thought your book was a brilliant piece of literature.” Raj Patara, Golden, B.C.

“I found the book exceptional and worth a detailed study … include the book in Che Guevara Studies´ Center…”, Manuel E. Yepe Menedez, Journalist, Professor, Cuban revolutionary comrade of Che Guevara.

“ I liked how she set up her book within the Gandhian philosophy. Rather than specializing only in solutions to key issues, she offered a rounded approach by providing some history, a summary of the multi-impact problems we face, and with each diagnosis a suggested personal contribution to emergent Gandhi-like remedies. That and her strong narrating voice provided a human framework for the information, making her messages easily available. Also, introducing key issues in a general enough way for them to be accessible to a wide range of readers, while maintaining the potent impact of the book is a skill, which she obviously has mastered. I thought that in emphasizing the simplicity of the origins and motivations that led to these issues, she underlined the simple order of responsibility. I resonate closely with her sense of priority and values—such as parents/mentors being one of, or the most effective agents of wide-world change. I also really liked her cascading Global Effects lists, which balanced the larger, more abstract theses”. Cimarron Ballantyne.


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